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Individuals or community groups can apply for a grant to help them run a new local project which will benefit Prospect Estate residents.

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PEBL’s new Internet Cafe

Our new Internet cafe is now open to all residents or all capabilities on Saturday mornings from 1000 hours at Prospect Community Centre.

Which category describes you?

“I’m no good with computers and I don’t use Facebook”

Is this you?

There is no denying that it is challenging not being computer literate these days. Everything seems to be on line ( and much cheaper on line too!)

Come along support is at hand

“I’m good with computers and know all about Facebook”

Then you will no doubt know that there is always more to learn in the world of computers and social media. It  can be quite a  challenge even for the experienced  to keep up. Well,our internet café can benefit you too. Come along and learn the latest and most up to date ways to get the job done!

“I am a ‘computer-wizard’ and destined to be the next Mark Zuckerberg”

Well why not enhance your ‘people skills’ and ability to teach by coming and helping our volunteers. Not only will it be rewarding and fun but will look good on any CV!

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